Babies Need Boxes was founded by Danielle Selassie of Fridley, Minnesota in 2015 after she read the now-famous BBC article Why Finnish Babies Sleep in Cardboard Boxes. The concept of a universal program to provide a safe and supported start in life for every child regardless of socioeconomic status resonated with her on a core level. Danielle created this non-profit and has built a passionate team of community advocates to make a significant difference in the lives of families.

Babies Need Boxes chapters are sprouting up all over the globe as the powerful mission continues to inspire and evolve.  
Everywhere that Babies Need Boxes volunteerism exists, a unique and necessary role is filled. Babies Need Boxes members provide parents-to-be with safe sleep spaces, ancillary care products and –-most importantly—education to maximize the chance of family success and overall improved community healthcare outcomes.
 Baby Box Safety and Use
Babies Need Boxes sources its Baby Boxes from The Baby Box Co., the only internationally certified provider of safe sleep Baby Boxes. The Baby Box Co. has strict safety standards; the effectiveness of their quality control protocols has been proven effective by the consistent safe use of Baby Boxes by families. Baby Boxes by The Baby Box Co. are currently the only infant sleep space on the market to not have a single injury or fatality report on record. Please visit their website for more additional information about safety and usage
Baby Box University
Babies Need Boxes is also a proud partner of Baby Box University, an education platform and comprehensive online community for parents. While Baby Boxes offer an economical, sustainable, and safe sleeping environment for infants, there is no substitute for parenting education and thoughtful community engagement. Babies Need Boxes is excited to contribute educational content and community learning tools through Baby Box University. Further, Babies Need Boxes ensures that all parents receiving a Baby Box through its programs are aware of and engaged with this valuable, free resource.  
The Baby Box Tradition
One of the most compelling aspects of the Baby Box is its rich Finnish tradition. Maternity grants and packages (aka the Baby Box and infant care supplies) were first made available in 1937 to Finland’s low income mothers to combat the nation’s rising infant mortality rate. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the program, it was expanded as a universal government initiative shortly thereafter. Over the past 75+ years these maternity packages have been used in conjunction with a comprehensive education and healthcare program to lower Finland’s infant mortality rate to one of the lowest in the world.
Today, even though mothers in Finland can opt for a cash benefit instead of the maternity package, the vast majority still choose to receive the Baby Box. Finland awards approximately 50,000 maternity packages annually, and each year Kela’s research department follows up on user experiences much as Babies Need Boxes does with its parents through Baby Box University. Notably, both Kela’s Baby Box and Baby Boxes from The Baby Box Co. are gender neutral with an emphasis on quality childcare essentials.
Our Team
Danielle Selassie
Executive Director

Julie Kemna-Edner
Co-Executive Director

Erin Baker
Director - Babies Need Boxes - Iowa

Elizabeth Dreyfuss
Director - Babies Need Boxes - Ohio

Sarah Sydney
Director - Babies Need Boxes - North Carolina

Amanda Powers-Lindquist
Director - Babies Need Boxes - Duluth

Leone Morse
Board Member at Large

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