Who We Serve?

In short, we serve all families!

When Babies Need Boxes was founded, the goal was always to move towards a universal distribution model. Our nonprofit actually supports the distribution of Baby Boxes universally in a number of communities beyond the Twin Cities.

We believe that universal distribution ensures that all parents are receiving the support and education they need to be successful parents. In addition, this model ensures that there is no stigma associated with the use of the Baby Box as a safe sleep space. We believe that all families can benefit from a thoughtful Baby Box program, regardless of socioeconomic status. As long as parents complete their local education syllabus on Baby Box University (www.babyboxuniversity.com), we will provide them with a Baby Box free of charge.

Baby Boxes should never simply be a free hand-out. Because our nonprofit utilizes the Baby Box University platform, our Baby Boxes serve as important engagement tools for all families to receive education about pregnancy, safe sleep practices, newborn care, and available resources in their community. It is the education and community support linked to Baby Box distribution which is vital.

Additionally, our Baby Box programs help families connect with their communities, fostering feelings of support and belonging. When families come to Babies Need Boxes or one of our community partners to pick up a Baby Box, we are able to connect with them in a meaningful way, properly welcoming them to parenthood. Our message is truly that we are here for you, we want you to be successful and we believe in you! This is a powerful and important message for any parent bringing a new baby into their family. 

Our goal is to establish universal distribution Baby Box programs, throughout the world to insure that all families are given the tools needed for success from pregnancy to birth and beyond!

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